Fresh is BEST!!!

How our Wings are Different

Here at Clem’s we believe in offering the freshest of food possible to our customers, as we serve them just how we would like to be served. Freshness is carried out through every menu item including using the freshest in season vegetables, our in house fresh cut fries, and our fresh never frozen original and boneless chicken wings. Our staff are are well trained to ensure impeccable quality every time a table is served.

To ensure the freshest wings every time:



1. Chicken wings and boneless, skinless chicken thighs are brought in to the store several times a week.


2. Both our original and boneless wings are gently rinsed, drained and lightly dusted using simple fresh ingredients before they are blanched in 100% pure canola oil


3. Wings are then cooled, labeled and dated and returned to the fridge to maintain quality control at all times


4. When ordered, wings are brought from the fridge, fried and tossed in your favorite creation of sauces.