Killing time between hockey games. If you live in Uxbridge or Port Perry, chances are you know what that is like. On this particular day we happened to be in Lindsay, and ended up at a cute little place that served wings and cold beer faster than I have ever seen. As a non-wing lover, I had no problem finishing the jerk wings I ordered. When I was done, I looked at Kevin and quietly said "Uxbridge could really use a place like this" not thinking a thing more of it. I had no idea what would happen in the next few months.



Well, there are many details, and many ups and downs as there are in any business. Just over 3 years after opening our first restaurant, we have now returned to what we originally envisioned. A nice little place, that serves great wings. FRESH WINGS. A place that strives to be better for it's patrons, and provides exceptional service and value along with the best wings around.



Clem's was created from that same simple idea. A family restaurant with an affordable menu that allows you make the choices you need to make your meal perfect for you.